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For 13 years the Worn Out Worn Art (WOWA) parade has captivated audiences, showcasing wearable costume designs by local primary and secondary school students in a celebration of creative thinking and environmental consciousness.

Previously held at the annual Darlington Arts Festival, the performance was held for the first time this year at Midland Junction Arts Centre and welcomed school students and adults to participate in this celebration of wearable art for the body.

In the lead up to the parade, workshops have been held for children and adults to customise recycled materials and upcycle clothing to reconnect with ‘lost skills’ and work against consumerism. Working with industry professionals including designers, makers and artists, workshops explored fabric manipulation techniques, clothing deconstruction/reconstruction and sculptural forms using newspaper, cardboard and other recycled materials.

This year WOWA featured not only the parade, but also present the Worn Out Worn Art Exhibition by eleven Western Australian artists.

This year’s WOWA parade showcased an extravaganza of art for the body from transformed discarded materials. Kalamunda Senior High, Corridors College, Malvern Springs Primary, Mundaring Christian College and independent entries presented their artworks in a spectacle of upcycled wearable artworks.

Volunteers, Mundaring Arts Centre staff, WOWA co-ordinator Sarah Zel Chescoe and choreographer Lynne Williams met with participants early in the day to prepare hair and makeup and rehearse. Makeup was designed to complement themes including Neon Jungle, Gothic Delirium, and an array of Egyptian and Gamer inspired costumes.

Over 40 participants outfitted from head to toe in eye-catching costumes took part in the parade which attracted a huge audience of over 150 people, in addition to the many exhibition visitors, with musical duo Eerie Anne performing for the crowd as they gathered to watch the parade.

A big thank you to our judges; City of Swan Councillor Claire Scanlan, artist Andrea Day and MAC Curator Greg Sikich for awarding the fifteen prizes. Thank you also to our sponsors Act-Belong-Commit Elevate Arts and Healthway, Shire of Mundaring, City of Swan and Jacksons Drawing Supplies as we as Lyn and Richard Woldendorp, and all the schools, parents, volunteers and staff. WOWA 2018 was a fabulous showcase of local talent. A huge congratulations to all involved.

The Worn Out Worn Art exhibition will run from 24 November – 21 December.

If you are interested in taking part in WOWA 2019 and to receive further updates please register your interest by completing the form below.

Photographs by Josh Wells




Ella Vischi               
Independent Entry

Phoenix Preston - Impicciatore                Kalamunda Senior High

Mary Ann Dawson              
Independent Entry


Lizzie Rice                                          Kalamunda Senior High


Natasja Janc                                   
Mundaring Christian College

Alexander Beardsmore                             
Independent Entry

Amon Veitch
Malvern Springs PS 


Sarsha Stout                                     
Corridors College

Lilith Kirk
Malvern Springs       

Max Kos                                            
Malvern Springs      

Jacob Healy                                    
Independent Entry  


Caitlyn Chodakowsky
Mundaring Christian College

Mackenzie Walker                           Kalamunda Senior High


Brooke Daljac
Independent Entry  

Chloe Daljac
Independent Entry