Guanyin In The South West: A Portrait Of Taiwan In Perth (Part II)

A community art project creating dialogue between the Perth Taiwanese community and Western Australian artists


Through an extensive program of regular meetings, workshops, studio visits and cultural tours, twenty WA artists and twenty Taiwanese women share cultural objects and making skills.

A Portrait of Taiwan in Perth introduces the breadth and depth of arts and cultural activity in Perth to the Taiwanese Community, and Taiwanese culture to a group of WA women artists.

A Portrait of Taiwan in Perth Exhibition runs from Saturday 11 August to Sunday 28 September 2018 and presents artworks made by these artists in response to the cross-cultural exchange, and artworks made by the Taiwanese women through community workshops from March to August.

The aims of this project are: to foster cultural understanding, respect and integration; to provide a platform to connect; to encourage face-to-face engagement; to build a sense of belonging through cultural mapping; and to create a local project with a global outlook.

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