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The Working With Children Act is being phased in from January 1 2006, if your booking or activity involves children please visit to determine when the phasing in arrangements of the Act apply to you. *
If applicable, does your Organisation currently comply with the Working With Children Act? If no, please note that it is a condition of your booking that all statues are complied with.
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Please note whether this is venue provided equipment or whether you will provide your own. Please note all electrical equipment must be safety tagged. (Smoke Machines, confetti and open flame restrictions do apply in this Venue)
General Responsibilities – Hirer of Venue • Take note of position of exits, fire alarms, first aid facilities • Choose and take note of Outdoor Assembly Area • Take note of how many persons are under your supervision. FIRE • Activate alarm • Investigate situation • Rescue any person in immediate danger and prepare to evacuate building by nearest exit. • Call Fire Brigade – 000 • On hearing evacuation command or whistle • Short sharp whistle shrills or voice commands mean – “Evacuate Building Immediately” • Evacuate and proceed to designated assembly area taking note that all persons in your group are following instructions. • Conduct head count – try to account for everyone. • Do not re-enter building until “All Clear” is given by Fire Brigade. BOMB/PHYSICAL THREAT • Remain calm • Attempt to obtain details of threat • Call Police – 000 • Evaluate situation and prepare to evacuate building EARTHQUAKE OR SEVERE STORM • Stay indoors • Take shelter under tables, desk or doorway etc • Wait for situation to pass • Attend injured • Wait for Emergency Services to give “All Clear” BUSHFIRE • Stay indoors • Wait for situation to pass • Do not move unless instructed by Emergency Services or Rangers.
Please read these conditions carefully as they do apply to your booking. The following meanings apply to these conditions: “Agreement” means this agreement for the Booking and includes the Form, these conditions, the confirmation letter and any special conditions. “Booking” means the arrangement for you to hire the facility subject to the Conditions once the Booking Officer has accepted your application and issued you a confirmation letter “City” means the City of Swan and includes its employees, volunteers, members and contractors. “Facility” means the Midland Junction Arts Centre as detailed on the Form. “Fees” means the fees, bonds and charges that apply to your Booking. “Form” means the completed Application for Casual Facility Usage Hire Form. “Policy” means the Mundaring Arts Centre’s Liability Policy “You” and “Your” refer to the person or entity hiring the Facility as detailed on the Form. “MAC” means the Mundaring Arts Centre 1) Applications and Hire Agreement a) By submitting the completed Form you are applying to hire the Facility for the days and dates and at the times detailed on the Form and for the purpose set out on the Form. b) MAC in its sole discretion, may accept your application and issue you a confirmation letter in which case an agreement will be formed for your Booking. Once an agreement has been formed you must pay the Fees and abide by the Conditions. c) MAC may reject your application for any reason, or approve it subject to any special conditions that MAC considers are appropriate. d) MAC may cancel any part or the whole of your Booking at any time by written or oral notice. You will be entitled to a full refund of any Fees for any part of the Booking that is cancelled. 2) Facilities The Facility is for hire on an “as is” basis. You must prepare the Facility for your requirements, including, but limited to, any tables, chairs or catering. a) Cut-off time for bookings is 10pm when alcohol must no longer be served and music must be turned off. Unless prior arrangements are made you must clean the Facility the night of the Booking. b) The Facility including kitchen and toilets must be left in a clean and tidy manner and the Facility returned to its condition as immediately prior to the commencement of the Booking. You must turn off all lights, replace furniture, alarm the security system and lock the Facility as directed. c) You must vacate the Facility by 12:30am. d) You will forfeit your bond if: i) MAC incurs any time or cost as a result of your Booking; or ii) there are substantiated complaints in relation to your Booking. e) You must obtain the MAC’s prior written permission to operate any equipment requiring 3-phase power, including but not limited to, music equipment and jukeboxes. f) You must not use smoke machines, fog machines, bubble machines, slushy machines and naked flames. g) You are responsible for all damage suffered as a result of the Booking. You must indemnify, and keep, MAC and the City indemnified against all claims arising from, and all damage and costs incurred as a result of, your Booking. h) You must permit MAC and the City access the facility at all times during your Booking. 3) Hire Charges and Bond a) You must pay the Deposit upon acceptance of the Booking. b) You must pay the Fees at least two weeks prior to the Booking or upon acceptance of the Application, whichever is sooner. c) If you cancel the Booking within 7 days of the first day of the Booking, you must pay MAC a cancellation cost of 25% of the Fees. d) If you change your Booking within 7 days of the first day of the Booking then you must pay the greater of the Fees that applied to your original Booking or the Fees that apply to the changed Booking. e) You may pay the Fees: i) By Cash - at Midland Junction Arts Centre OR Mundaring Arts Centre ii) By Credit Card (other than American Express and Diners Club) –payments can be taken over the phone. iii) By EFT Payments as detailed on your invoice. You must quote Booking ID as the Reference. f) You may pay any bond: i) By Credit Card through a pre-approval authorisation of your Credit Card. ii) By cash or EFT payment as outlined above. g) MAC reserves the right in its absolute discretion to require payment of any bond by cash or EFT payment h) MAC will refund any bond within 15 days of receiving your Bank Details for Bond Refund or the final day of the Booking, whichever is later. 4) Compliance a) You must comply with all written laws including, but not limited to, the Health Act, Local Government Act, Working With Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004 and local laws. b) You warrant that you will not infringe any intellectual property rights during the Booking. c) You must indemnify, and keep indemnified, MAC and the City against all claims arising from, and all damage and costs incurred as a result of a breach of a written law or an infringement of intellectual property rights. 5) Liquor a) You must obtain from MAC written permission to consume liquor during your Booking through the Facility Bookings Officer before your Booking. b) You must obtain a liquor licence if liquor is to be sold or provided under a cover. c) The approved licence must be presented to the City of Swan by MAC prior to the Booking. 6) Health and Building Requirements a) All City Facilities maintain a “Smoke Free” Environment. b) You must obtain all necessary Environmental Health and Building approvals in writing from the City if the event is a Large Public Event in or on a City Facility. c) All food vans must be inspected by a City of Swan Environmental Health representative prior to operating at any function within the City. The Booking Officer can provide you with guidelines for food vans at temporary functions. d) All rubbish is to be placed in bins provided. If you require extra bins, you must obtain these from the City and pay the applicable Fee. e) Please contact the City’s Environmental Health team to discuss requirements for your Booking. 7) Security a) MAC reserves the right in its absolute discretion to require you to obtain professional security or registered security guards for crowd control to protect the Facility and to set the number of personnel required. 8) Disputes and Breaches a) Either party may issue the other party a breach notice identifying any breach of this agreement and providing the other party a reasonable period of time to remedy the breach. If a party fails to remedy the breach within the period of time set out in the notice, the party that issued the notice may terminate the agreement immediately by further written notice. b) You must immediately notify MAC of any dispute and work in good faith with MAC to resolve any dispute. 9) Public Liability a) MAC holds a "Casual Hirer's Liability Policy", which provides public liability insurance coverage for casual hirers of the Facility. b) You are eligible for the Policy if you are an individual or group that is not incorporated and uses the MJAC Facility on a one-off or occasional basis up to twelve times a year. If you are not eligible for the Policy, then you must obtain public liability insurance with a reputable insurer for a minimum of $20M, nominate MAC as a named Principal to provide MAC with indemnity for loss or damage arising out of the hirer’s negligence and provide evidence of the insurance policy to MAC on demand.
It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure they: • familiarise themselves with the operation of the facility - if required the Mundaring Arts Centre can organise a walk through to ensure that users are fully conversant with the operations of the facility (please telephone MJAC 9250 8062 or MAC 9295 3991 to make an appointment) • make arrangements to ensure that the hirer or a suitable representative is on hand to invigilate the space whilst be used; open (and subsequently secure) the facility for deliveries pre-function and for collections post-function for all contractors, caterers and party hire companies etc. • make arrangements to collect and return Keys/Swipe Cards. Any costs incurred due to the failure to collect keys/swipe cards, will be charged against the hirer