Steven Aiton is a leading Western Australian animator, community arts facilitator and artist, and he was on hand to help launch the 2015 heARTlines festival on Friday night. It was a chilly evening but loads of fun, including watching the short animations produced by kids (and kids at heart) during one of Steven's workshops for the Mundaring Arts Centre. Hilarious stuff!

Below, Steven answers our Four Fab Festival questions...

1.     How will your work feature in this year’s heARTlines Festival?
During my recent Interactivity - Artist in Focus residency, we had an interactive animation stage inviting anyone to drop-in and make a short stop-motion film. There was a modelling-clay making table and re-use objects; it really put a smile on people’s faces!

The results of these and the animation workshops were screened on loop in Gallery 2. I also got a chance to explore an idea that has been bouncing around in my head for a while combining sand animation with modelling clay. The work in progress will also be on display.

 Steven's creation begins his rise from the mud...

Steven's creation begins his rise from the mud...

2.      Where did inspiration for that work come from?
My own particular work was inspired by the quite elegant animated symbols used in technological interfaces informing us of a task in progress.
Quite often digital artists (like me!) spend large chunks of time surrounded by progress bars and spinners… and they’re starting to infiltrate everyone else's lives too!
I’ve always wanted to grab those symbols and put them into another context.

3.      What’s your advice to aspiring animators?

If you haven’t started, download an app and start making!
Also, it doesn’t matter which animation technique you learn, keep making stuff and try to figure out how things move - you can then adapt your knowledge to any technique.

4.      What did you have for breakfast this morning?
No time for fancy breakfast today!
Just some cracking toast and a nice hot cup of tea.

Thanks Steven!

Now heARTlines is officially launched it'll be on for another six weeks.

Our school programs have already started, and our public program is now taking bookings.

Come on down, check out the inspiring exhibition and bring in a book to swap in the Great Book Swap (all proceeds to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation).