Want to have an amazing time, laugh a lot, learn a lot, and leave inspired and itching to write? You want to come to a heARTlines workshop with author Raewyn Caisley!

Below Raewyn has answered our Four Fab Festival questions, and we can't wait to hear more...

1.       What book/s will you be speaking about at this year’s HeArtlines Festival?

HELLO FROM NOWHERE, illustrated by Karen Blair and published by Penguin Australia as well as AUNTIE ELLIE'S BEACH HOUSE, illustrated by Lisa Allen and published by Duck Creek Publishing NZ.

2.       Where did inspiration for that book come from?

Both books came from my struggle to figure out where I belong. I have lived half my life in Australia and half in New Zealand. HELLO FROM NOWHERE is from my Australian soul while AUNTIE ELLIE'S BEACH HOUSE is straight from my Kiwi heart. 

Both books were also the result of two remarkable years and two very big adventures. HELLO FROM NOWHERE came from a year I spent running a roadhouse in the Nullarbor, and I wrote it because I wanted to give Australian kids a taste of life in the middle of nowhere, as well as inspire them to make the most of things and 'look for the magic' as Eve would say, while AUNTIE ELLIE'S BEACH HOUSE came from a year I spent back in the country of my birth, beautiful Middle Earth. In it I ask what's more important, the place or the people...

3.       What’s your advice to aspiring writers or illustrators of children’s books?

JUST DO IT! Oh, and while it is important to be aware of the market, it is even more important to be true to your soul.

4.       What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Cornflakes with custard and stewed apple, but I had to eat it on my side because I've hurt my back. Toast might have been a better option!

Thanks Raewyn!

You can read more about Raewyn and buy her books when you come to this year's heARTlines festival in Mundaring, where we'll be exhibiting awesome artwork from Western Australia's most fabulous children's illustrators, and featuring workshops from WA's best children's authors and illustrators, from 15 May till 28 June 2015.

The exhibition is FREE, and we'll be releasing more information about workshops soon...watch this space.