Hooray! Incredible YA author Deb Fitzpatrick is part of this year's HeARTlines festival line-up. Deb is uber-talented (as well as writing for young adults, she also writes for adults and primary grades) and she's a frank and inspiring speaker. If you didn't catch her last weekend at the Perth Writer's Festival, now is your chance!

Deb will be available to speak at high schools across Mundaring. To register your interest in having Deb at your school, contact the Mundaring Arts Centre ASAP. Workshops are limited and Deb is sure to be a sell-out. 

Below Deb answers our Four Fab Festival questions...

1.    What book/s will you be speaking about at this year’s HeArtlines Festival? 
I’ll be talking about my YA novels 90 packets of instant noodles and Have you seen Ally Queen?

I might also touch on my new adult novel, The Break, which is being taught in upper school in some high schools.

2.    Where did inspiration for that book come from?
I lived in a very rustic shack in the cloudforest of the central highlands of Costa Rica for four years in my late twenties. It had a profound and lasting effect on me and is at the heart of 90 packets, in which a 15-year-old boy lives in a shack in the forest of south-west WA for three months.

3.    What’s your advice to aspiring writers or illustrators of children’s books?
Don’t be scared to use experiences from your own life and fictionalise them, even if you think your life is poxy. We all have a poxy life at times and it all counts.

My other advice is to read everything you can get your hands on – and not just your favourite genres. Read books you feel uncomfortable with. Challenge yourself and stare down the fears!

4.    What did you have for breakfast this morning?
Toasted Turkish bread with butter (not margarine), and two cups of tea in my favourite mug.

Thanks Deb!

You can see more of Deb and buy her books when you book a workshop at this year's heARTlines festival in Mundaring, where we'll be exhibiting awesome artwork from Western Australia's most fabulous children's illustrators, and featuring workshops from WA's best children's authors and illustrators, from 15 May till 28 June 2015.

The exhibition is FREE, and we'll be releasing more information about primary school, high school and public workshops this space.

90 Packets of Instant Noodles: Joel and Craggs are in it together. They drink booze together, they flirt with petty theft together and, when Craggs turns violent, they face the consequences together too. That's until Joel's dad makes a deal with the police.