Patricia Negus - Four Fab Festival questions

I'm thrilled to have watercolour artist Patricia Negus exhibiting at this year's HeARTlines festival. Her work is a feast for the eyes and her Rottnest Island book makes me want to pack my bags and jump on a ferry.

Today, Patricia was kind enough to answer our Four Fab Festival questions...

1.    What book/s will you be speaking about at this year’s HeArtlines Festival? 

Rottnest Island" and maybe a bit about “A Tale of Two Honey Possums” too.


2.    Where did inspiration for that book come from? 

Having illustrated a book about Honey Possums, the early thought was to do a sequel about 'Quokkas on Rottnest Island' with my daughter writing the book and me illustrating it. 


After visits to Rotto the next thought was to include more of the Island but “Through the eyes of a Seagull’ as seagulls are there everywhere. 

I actually painted a number of pages for the book with this in mind - have a look. 

My daughter Sally read every book that had ever been published about Rottnest and went on every tour advertised. It soon became obvious that there was so much more that we wanted to include for adults and children — Aussies who had spent many holidays there but also visitors for their first visit.  

“Rottnest Island” was the result.

3.    What’s your advice to aspiring writers or illustrators of children’s books?

“Before you walk 1000 miles, you have to walk the first step.” Chinese proverb. 

Once you have an idea, GET STARTED, don’t think about it all day long. 

It is quite likely that your idea will change heaps on your journey, as we found on our journey which became 'Rottnest Island’. How many people have you met who are thinking about, or want to write a book but can’t take the first step.  

Just jump in the deep end and get going! 

4.    What did you have for breakfast this morning?

This morning my breakfast, as most days, was a slice of toast spread with squashed avocado (nicer than butter) and a piece of ham on top, washed down with a cup of strong coffee. This sets me up for my day.

Thanks Patricia!

You can see more of Patricia's work and buy her books at this year's heARTlines festival in Mundaring, where we'll be exhibiting awesome artwork from Western Australia's most fabulous children's illustrators, and featuring workshops from WA's best children's authors and illustrators, from 15 May till 28 June 2015.

The exhibition is FREE, and here's more information about primary school, high school and public workshops.