What does it feel like to be a debut author/illustrator with loads of talent and a picture book contract with Simon and Schuster?

Ask Kylie Howarth! Kylie's first (and fabulous) book, Fish Jam, is being launched at the Hackett Playgroup / Lawler Park, 2 Draper St, Floreat, Perth W.A from 10-12 on 12 April 2015 - congratulations Kylie!

We're thrilled to be featuring original artwork from Fish Jam (some of it co-created by Kylie's own kids) in this year's HeARTlines exhibition.

Here are Kylie's answers to our Four Fab Festival questions...

1. What book/s will you be speaking about at this year’s HeArtlines Festival? 

Fish Jam

2. Where did inspiration for that book come from?

What do you get when you mash a trumpet, guitar and a fish all together? Fish Jam!!

3. What’s your advice to aspiring writers or illustrators of children’s books?

Write down and draw even your silliest ideas. It doesn’t have to be perfect to start with. Just get started and you will soon see which bits work and which bits need work. 

Who knows, maybe one of the silly ideas might end up being the best! 

4. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Porridge with banana, frozen blueberries and cashew nuts on top, followed by a Shrek (green) smoothie.

Thanks Kylie!

You can see more of Kylie's terrific work and buy Fish Jam when you come to this year's heARTlines festival in Mundaring, where we'll be exhibiting awesome artwork from Western Australia's most fabulous children's illustrators, and featuring workshops from WA's best children's authors and illustrators, from 15 May till 28 June 2015.

The exhibition is FREE, and there's more information on booking school workshops and the public workshop program here