The Vahana: Vehicle of the Gods

  • Midland Junction Arts Centre 276 Great Eastern Highway Midland, WA, 6056 Australia

The Vahana: Vehicle of the Gods exhibition features the work of celebrated international photographer Clare Arni. Ayyanar is a Hindu village god of Tamil Nadu mostly worshipped as a guardian deity who protects rural villages. The earliest known references are from the 3rd Century CE.  Annual festivals are celebrated in sacred groves on the outskirts of villages in early spring at which time the potters, who inherit the role of priest, make large-scale terra cotta horses and other votive offerings.

Clare Arni who is based in Bangalore, has been documenting the festivals and processes leading up to them for several years.  She will be presenting an exhibition of new work describing the making of the terra cotta horses, the festivals and votive offerings as well as images of the groves where avenues of horses form majestic entries to the spaces. 

One of the remaining potters famous for making terra cotta horses will take up residence at MJAC and will create a 3.5m high terra cotta horse for the project.

Renowned WA potter Bernard Kerr will create works in terra cotta and undertake a series of community workshops and lessons at Midland Junction Arts Centre.



August 11
Horse Tales
August 27
Horse Drawn